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pet portrait on slate!!
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portrait on slate.
Unque gifts! Tiny horse portraits on slate as Christmas
ornaments. These sell for $20.00  When the photo was taken,
the holes were not yet drilled. Unique gifts and equestrian art!
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All photographs, including this background were taken by American Artist, Tracie
Talany for pet portraits on slate, 2004.

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The official website of American Artist, Tracie Talany. This site
features, pet portraits on slate, horse portraits, equestrian art,
paintings on canvas, drawings, photographs and unique gifts by
Tracie Talany.

Welcome to petportraitsonslate.com!
I am Tracie Talany,  an American artist who paints on anything from
fine Belgian Linen to old Delta roofing slates.

This site features my pet portraits on slate, fire fighter art on slates          
   and "photo-op" boards...large paintings with face holes cut out for       
   photo opportunities. (Great fund raiser item)

Pet portraits on slate are painted from your photographs.
Prices  range from $125 - $325.  Multiple pets and people are extra.
Slates are coated with high gloss, Helmsman Spar Varnish and                
come with drilled holes  and rawhide hangers.  It generally takes 4-6       
weeks for pet portraits on slate.  Firefighter Top 10 Responder and          
other slate award plaques in large quantities may take longer. Plan
now for those upcoming banquets!!   
Horse portrait on whole slate with  
the photo it was  painted from.
When the customer received the
slate, it had been varnished,
mounted, and hanger installed.
The name was also put on the
slate. Every slate is signed and
dated by the artist, Tracie Talany
This pet portrait on slate, is a "quarter slate" of a
black lab, named
Summer.  I paint from what is given to me.  Please
be sure your photographs are clear, the image is
close up, and the fur is the color you are used to
Horses' coats are lighter certain times of the year.
Also, a pet that is usually indoors will look                
   different outside.

The yellow lab is a quarter slate.
This  took about a week to finish.  
The photo was taken before the
high gloss coating of varnish.
Pet portrait on slate: horse
portrait on a quarter slate.
Below, a whole slate of equestrian Tina Weaver and her horse
"Sassy Feet".   When the artwork was finished, it had holes
drilled for the hanger, a backboard mounted on the back,
varnish and the horse's name in gold lettering.  This horse
portrait on slate has appeared in the Maryland National Horse
Expo 2004,  and at the National Therapeutic Riding Conference
in Hunt Valley, MD.
Vertical half-slate. The painting was done on
location in my back yard. Since then, the barn
has fallen, yielding many slates. Thanx Doug!
Vertical half slate, a horse    
portrait on slate, used as       
  a sign on a Florida ranch.
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